Mardini Coffee Team on Washing station
Mardini Coffee Team on Washing station
Washed Coffee on drying table
Washed Coffee on drying table

Mardini Ethiopian Coffee & Coffee Leaves Export

Mardini Coffee export was established to export the supreme quality coffee from its birthplace Ethiopia. Our objective is to satisfy wholesalers & roasters ,delivering the Ethiopian Arabica hand-picked coffee to our dear customers. We source coffee both washed & natural from Yirgacheffee, Sidamo, Guji, Limu, Djimma, Lekempti & Harrer.  Mardini Coffee & Coffee Leaves Export was established by Mr Tebilatu  Dendere, a well-educated highly successful businessman, born & raised in Ethiopia, with more than 30-year business experience in Russia, Asia & Europe. Mardini is a name in the Guragigna language that means ‘standing up, struggling and winning’. We have chosen the most motivational word possible, to coordinate with our own dedication! Mardini has partnerships with coffee producers & farmers from Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, Guji areas. The export operation is led by highly experienced & educated staff with modern export processing plants.



Origin: Guji growing region, southern Ethiopia.

Altitude 2150 Aroma: 9 Acidity: 8 Body: 9 Flavor: 9 Aftertaste: 9 Cup assessment Delicate but grandly and exhilaratingly aromatic. Sweet narcissus-like flowers, honey chocolate, orange, Citrus in aroma and cup. Crisp, balanced acidity; plush, buoyant mouthfeel. Flavor consolidates but deepens in a long, richly finish. Notes: Guji is a coffee region in southern Ethiopia a young coffee plant produces distinctively delecious- and fruit-toned coffees from traditional varieties of Arabica in semi forest. Who Should Drink It: A balanced structure supports a particularly sweet, graceful rendition of flowers, citrus and chocolate.

Ethiopian Sidamo (Washed) Coffee

Roast: Medium-Light Altitude: 1820 Aroma: 8 Acidity: 9 Body: 8 Flavor: 8 Aftertaste: 8 Cup Assessment: Lemon in fragrance deeply in cup, blood orange, narcissus, an herby hint of oregano in aroma and cup. Sweetly and gently bright acidity; light though silky mouthful. Cacao nib and sandalwood carry into a crisp finish. Notes: Sidamo is a coffee region in southern Ethiopia that produces distinctively Spicy- brightly lemon acidic coffee coffees from traditional varieties of Arabica long cultivation in the area mixed with staple food. Who Should Drink It: Those who enjoy delicate but authoritative beverages. Should make a very fine, refreshing iced coffee.

Ethiopia Wellega Lekempti Coffee

Location: Altitude: 1700 M.A.S.L Roast: Light Aroma: 8 Acidity: 7 Body: 8 Flavor: 8 Aftertaste: 9 Cup Assessment: Fruit notes are layered and shifting: tangerine, guava, more, complicated by tropical fruit notes and a crisp, Juicy, mild acidity; full body. Fruity in particular saturate a long, resonant finish. Notes: Wellega is a coffee region in Western Ethiopia that produces distinctively fruit-toned coffees from traditional varieties of Arabica long grown in the region in the backyard & semi forest. Who Should Drink It: An extravagant yet crisply focused coffee; a fine morning surprise

Ethiopia Limu Coffee

Location: Altitude 1750 Roast: Medium-Light Aroma: 8 Acidity: 9 Body: 8 Flavor: 9 Aftertaste: 9 Cup Assessment: Honey, Winey, black currant & flowers in aroma and cup. Richly; lightly-syrupy mouth feel. Flavor consolidates with chocolates, sweet-toned finish. Notes: Limu is proudly a coffee region in south western Ethiopia that produces forest & Semi forest grown coffee in its ideal area varieties of all Arabica coffee originated long grown in the region. Where coffee bean start to grow & drink. Who Should Drink It: A deep, resonant version of the great winey and citrus whiskey toned

Yirgacheffee Coffee

Rich with Jasmin and flora, pleasant, perfume transparent, pointed acidity Fruit notes are layered and shifting: tangerine, guava, strawberry, more, complicated by honeyish floral notes and a crisp Yirgacheffe coffee is a coffee grown in the southern part of Ethiopia under Gedeo zone administration and some neighbouring woreda. The coffee is both washed & natural processing coffee is grown at elevations from 1,700 to 2,200 meters above sea level, and is considered the best high grown coffee in southern Ethiopia The general Yirgacheffee coffee can be characterised as a bright, medium-bodied coffee with distinct floral tones in aroma, an intense and complex flavour, flowery, medium to pointed grandly exhilarating acidity, flavour-saturated finish with the good and extended aftertaste. Unique Flavor Notes The flavour and body of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee are truly unique. Coffee drinkers often describe it as responsible for the divide between coffee connoisseurs and the average coffee drinker because of its distinctive flavour

Jima or Djimmah Coffee

High Lander, Altitude: 1400–2000m above sea level Varietals: Heirloo This region in the southwest of Ethiopia is a large producer of commercial-grade coffee. It grows at an altitude of 1,400 to 2,100 m.a.s.l. Also spelled as Djimmah, coffees from this region are reportedly best when washed and can take on a medicinal flavour if natural processed. Paul says, “We have a honey processed coffee from Jimma, it’s my current favourite. It has some stone fruit flavours of yellow plum and apricot, some tropical flavours of mango, and some sweet citrus flavours of orange zest. Bright citric acidity and a lovely silky body hold the coffee together. The finish is clean and satisfying. I kind of love drinking this on espresso.”

Harrar Coffee

Found in the Eastern Ethiopian farms at 4,500 to 6,300 feet of elevation, the Harrar coffee is an exotic, natural Arabica coffee bean. Ethiopian Harrar coffee is extremely bold and full-bodied with a dry fruitiness. Along with the fruity notes, Harrar has a notable floral taste with hints of jasmine and spicy in the finish. Along with the general fruitiness, expect to taste hints of blueberries and apricot.

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